Jason Scott in Valencia
Me outside Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias in Valencia

My name is Jason Scott. I’m 26 from Norwich, UK. I’m humbled that you’ve taken the time to visit my blog –  I’ll try not to disappoint!

I have started this blog because I thought it would be fun to put pen to paper on some of the things that I’m passionate about. I guess you could say it’s an attempt at personal branding too!

See, I spend most of my time helping companies to improve their online presence via digital marketing – which I thoroughly enjoy. But I figured it was a bit of a travesty that I wasn’t doing something on a personal level.

Beyond digital marketing, I’m fascinated by business. But not that high-level corporate stuff – I’m talking about the nitty gritty, the hustle, the grind!

Most of my business content will be marketing related as this is the thing that I feel most qualified to talk about. I do plan to dive into other topics such as freelancing, branding and sales in the future.

Another huge passion of mine is fitness. I’ve spent the last 7 years or so research, learning, trialling, damn near obsessing over building muscle and burning fat!

In this time I’ve managed to transform my body. But it’s the mental aspect that has brought me the most value. It’s taught me about patience, consistency, hard-work and discipline – all things that I’ve been able to apply to other parts of life.

I’m now a qualified personal trainer. I’m looking forward to using this platform to document my journey and share my knowledge and experience.

Finally, I started this blog to share my random ramblings. As a freelancer, I spend loads of time alone (fortunately I love my own company). This gives me plenty of time to think – usually about my next meal or today’s workout! But sometimes I think of stuff that is worthy of sharing.

From now on, when I have these thoughts, I’m gonna write them down and blog about them. Hopefully they’ll be some-what insightful or at-least entertaining!

Before I sign off, I should probably mention that I’m far from a good writer. My grammar is average, I overuse hyphens and I put commas in the wrong place!

I’m hoping that the content I share is valuable enough that you can see through this – but don’t be afraid to batter me in the comments section! I can take it, honest.